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Most people can put most household items into a dumpster rental, but some materials are prohibited. For example, hazardous materials such as Freon are not permitted in roll-off containers.

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It is better to contact a professional to dispose of these items for you. Also, remember that most appliances must be drained of their freon or liquids in order to be thrown away (Cheapest Dumpster Rental Service).

Hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in a dumpster rental include pesticides, herbicides, paint, drywall, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and masonry products. These materials can be very heavy and require special disposal. In addition to being illegal, putting hazardous materials in a dumpster is not the safest way to dispose of them. Hazardous waste disposal services are available in many cities and towns.


While most unwanted items can be thrown into a dumpster rental also choose Cheapest Dumpster Rental Service, there are a few items that can’t go into the trash. These items are referred to as hazardous materials. These include things like epoxy and glue. These items are difficult to remove and can stick other materials to the walls of the dumpster. Instead of throwing these materials in your trash dumpster rental, dispose of them properly and recycle them.


Most paints, glues, and other materials are not allowed in a dumpster rental because they contain mercury or lead. You can, however, dispose of empty paint cans, which can also be disposed of in a regular garbage container. In addition, you should avoid throwing any type of liquids into the dumpster because they can damage the container and cause other items to stick to it. Finally, you should never put construction materials such as asbestos into a dumpster. If you must dispose of this type of waste, make sure that you contact a professional to safely remove it from the premises.

In addition to toxic waste, you should not place any types of adhesives into a dumpster rental. These can damage the container’s walls and can also make it harder to remove the debris from it. Another item that you should not put in a dumpster rental is car batteries, as they contain dangerous chemicals. Instead of disposing them in a dumpster, take them to a local recycling facility. Most electronics stores also have recycling services for car batteries and lithium batteries.


Mattresses can be problematic to dispose of and require specific disposal techniques. They can either be burned or blown up to reduce their weight. While these methods are effective, they can also create a fire hazard. Mattresses should be disposed of properly to prevent contamination.

You can try to recycle mattress materials instead. You can sell the springs and other parts to scrap metal recyclers for a few dollars. You can also use the materials in your own home projects. Shredded mattress parts can be recycled for carpet padding, insulation, filter covers, and seat cushions. You can also use the wood pieces to make a compost bin.

Dry cell batteries

Batteries are hazardous materials that can cause health problems when disposed of improperly. They contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals and can leach into the surrounding environment. As a result, they should never be disposed of in a dumpster rental. According to the United States Geological Survey, batteries contain several critical minerals that can be hazardous to the environment. These minerals include lithium, cobalt, graphite, and manganese. These minerals are in limited supply and there is no easy substitute for them.

Dry cell batteries can’t be thrown into a dumpster rental, but they can be recycled by a nearby auto store. Many stores have designated bins for them and will pay you a deposit if you return them.

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