With businesses understanding the impact of their operations more and more every day, people will start to look for more sustainable ways to operate while minimizing their ecological impact. One way people have been able to do this is by renting out commercial dumpsters, helping avoid contributing to the estimated 7.6 Billion tons of waste seen in a year.

The positive impact and experience business owners have had with commercial dumpsters has led this industry to rake in around $414 million in revenues over the past few years. That just goes to show that it is high time that commercial spaces consider renting out their own dumpster.

Advantages of Rented Dumpsters

One thing is clear when you’re running a business— it’s hard to find the time for anything. That said, it’d be easy to understand if you’d want to leave the job of managing your waste disposal to someone else. Off-loading that burden is one thing, but here are a few more advantages you stand to gain by renting commercial dumpsters:

  • Sanitary and Secure: The professionals you’ll be working with when you decide to rent a dumpster will know everything they need to know to keep their business running. That said, choosing the right rental will get you experts who know how to deal with the waste and how to secure the dumpster itself to prevent problems with customers and employees.
  • Proper Waste Management: Remember how we said that these rentals are professional?  In that same sense, these experts will know how to responsibly manage the waste that your business produces. This includes making sure that all recyclable materials are collected and proper delivery of other waste to the appropriate disposal site, minimizing landfill buildup.
  • Lower Expenses: A surprising benefit that a lot of people don’t foresee is that expenses with rented commercial dumpsters tend to be lower when compared to traditional refuse solutions. That’s not even mentioning how this can help you avoid government sanctions for mismanaged waste.
  • Convenience: As we mentioned before, convenience is unlike any other. This doesn’t just apply to you after all— even your employees get to avoid the hassle of cleaning up all that trash once the dumpster has been filled or if a mess has been made. Outsourcing this means a lot more time to think of other things to do for your business.

Choosing the Right Size

As you look around for what you might want to rent for your business, it’d be wise to have a set of conditions that you need to work with as a guide for choosing the right one. The main one you need to be thinking about is the size you might need.

There are generally three main sizes when talking about dumpsters; 10-Yard, 20-Yard, and 30-Yard dumpsters Each one will have a perfect role to fill, all you need to do is think about what you need. 10-Yard dumpsters, for example, are perfect for small remodeling projects at home. The 30-Yard, on the other hand, is what you will need for construction or landscaping projects.


At the end of the day, it’s all about figuring out what you will need for your purposes. It’d help as well if you can talk directly with the company you will be renting from, that way you can explain exactly what you need. It might seem like a lot to do now, but it’s an effort well worth your time.

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