Environmental managers are a company’s unsung heroes. They focus on environmental waste management, make sure to hire the right commercial dumpster rental company, and ensure compliance with Environmental protection Agency (EPA) regulations. These tasks help your business become more efficient and environmentally responsible.

Most people would think that the duties of environmental managers end when the waste-filled trucks leave—that is not the case. Their task also involves waste tracking.

Why is waste tracking important, and how can it become easier to do? This article will explore the answers to those questions.

The Importance of Tracking Business Waste

There are many benefits to tracking your business’ waste. Here are some of them. 

Helps Save Money

Disposing of waste costs money. Tracking and verifying business waste gives you a record of your trash, helping you identify ways to minimize the amount of trash you throw away. In addition, tracking and verifying waste allows you to avoid undesirable fines from failing to meet legal waste disposal standards.

 Reduces Emissions

Tracking the waste your company produces gives you a chance to make some changes in reducing it. For instance, lowering your facility’s waste disposal needs can cut emissions from transporting and handling the waste.

Adheres to Regulations and Policies

You need to track and record how much waste you produce and what you are doing with it to verify your facility’s compliance with EPA guidelines for waste disposal. If you keep track of all your waste management practices, you can answer any questions or concerns about your facility’s compliance.

Improves Sustainability

Knowing how you handle your current resources will help your company make more sustainable decisions. You have to track what waste goes out to get these pieces of information. This allows you to identify recycling and resource conservation opportunities.

Decreases Liability

Improper waste disposal can lead to serious consequences. For example, your business is accused of hazardous waste dumping; having records of the waste you dispose of and how you dispose of them can help prove your innocence.

Ways to Efficiently Track Company Waste

The section above proved that tracking wastes are advantageous for companies. Now the question is, how do you track it efficiently?

There are several ways environmental managers can efficiently track waste. They can implement systems that thoroughly segregate waste and dispose of them separately. However, this would cost a lot of time, effort, and money.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective methods to track waste is to hire a reliable waste removal company. These companies offer complete waste disposal solutions. They can handle commercial dumpster rentals and material sorting to commercial trash collection and recycling. All you have to do is make arrangements and let their streamlined process take care of the rest.


Tracking waste is an essential but tedious task for environmental managers. However, it offers many benefits for your company and the environment.

Hiring a waste disposal company can make things easier. However, make sure that the company you hire can provide all your waste disposal needs, from commercial dumpster rentals to disposal.

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