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With the influx of new technology and the slow demise of “old school” desktop computers, old computer recycling has become enormous. 

But what do you do with old computers, especially those chunky monitors? Read on and find out more about this topic as your trusted junk removal company in Orlando, FL, sheds some light on this:

Computer Recycling – An E-Waste Challenge

While not always a popular topic of conversation, computer recycling is a necessary part of modern life. Even though computer recycling is a necessity due to its many benefits, many people are unaware of what to do with their old computers.

Ask any charity or non-profit organization, and they will most likely tell you that their biggest challenge is how to dispose of all the old computers donated. It is no wonder why. Before recycling and reusing became a widespread practice, computer users had no choice but to throw their old computers in the trash.

Why Computer Monitor Recycling Is Still a Thing

There is a reason why computer monitor recycling is still a thing. It all started in the early 1980s when IBM first designed and manufactured the first desktop computer. At that time, monitors, computers, and printers were built in one casing.

Computer Recycling
Computer Recycling

Because of the fast-paced and rapidly changing technological world, desktop computers are now separated from monitors and printers. Thus, the need for computer monitor recycling was born. Whether or not your computer is old or new, the chances are that you have a monitor that can be recycled.

How to Recycle Computer Monitors

There are a couple of things you should know before recycling computer monitors. The first is what to look for in a computer monitor. In general, a computer monitor is quite heavy, weighing anywhere between 40 and 70 pounds. To ensure that you will not sustain any injuries from lifting your monitor, you must be sure that your monitor meets the following requirements according to javisdumpterrental:

▪ Does not contain any toxic chemicals (read the information on the back of the monitor)

▪ Is not connected to a computer

▪ Is not a CRT

After meeting the above requirements, you will be ready to proceed with the recycling process. The first thing you need to do is determine if the monitor is still in good condition.

If the monitor still works, there is no reason to recycle it. However, if you have a monitor that is not working anymore and is beyond repair, you need to find a recycling center near you that accepts computer electronics.

Remember to make sure that the recycler is legitimate by asking some of your friends, family members, and even your local landfill or waste management company.

What Can You Do With Old Computer Monitors and Other Peripherals?

If you have ever wondered what happens to old computer monitors after they are recycled, the answer is simple: they are reused. The great thing about recycling old computers is that they are more than just junk. When recycled, they will be used to make a new product.

There are many excellent products that are made from old computers and monitors. Some examples are:

Some computer peripheral recycling is different from the computer and monitor recycling you would likely be used to.

Many people don’t realize how many computer peripherals they have lying around their houses. They are a PC’s mouse, keyboard, speakers, scanner, and printers if you don’t know what they are called.

When purchasing a computer, a user will often throw away the peripherals that came with the computer. However, many people store them away in boxes and neglect to do anything with them.

The great thing about recycling computer peripherals is that they are useful to almost everyone. There are a lot of charities and non-profit organizations that will accept old computer peripherals as donations.

If you don’t have time to make it to a charity or non-profit organization, you can always donate them to online auction websites.


So there you have it. You can recycle your old computer monitors, computer peripherals, and many other things that come with a computer. The next time you are thinking of throwing something away, consider whether or not it can be recycled. If you are getting rid of something as big as a computer monitor, be sure to get in touch with your local city or town, and they will tell you where you can take it. Alternatively, you can contact a reliable junk removal company in Orlando, FL, that can help you. 

Javi’s Junk Removal in Orlando is a locally owned business that can provide you with such services as debris, junk, and appliance removal. We cater to residential and commercial clients. Contact us today to know more about our services!

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