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Concrete is a significant component of our lives and even more of our garbage. Putting Concrete Waste Disposalcrete in the trash is not as easy as throwing it by the side of the road and hoping it would disappear or break down by the next day.

Concrete is an important part of our life and much more of our waste. Putting Concrete Waste Disposalcrete in the garbage is not as simple as tossing it at the side of the road and expecting it would vanish or break down by the following day.

Concrete Waste Disposal

If you’re a contractor with excess concrete or a homeowner with too much leftover from a do-it-yourself project, disposing of it might be overwhelming.

Below are some suggestions for safely disposing of unused concrete while also helping to safeguard the environment. 

1. Shatter the Concrete

Consider breaking the concrete up into smaller pieces if you want to make getting rid of it less complicated. The work at hand is not an easy one, and to crack the concrete, you will require the assistance of a few specialized tools.

Concrete Waste Disposal
Concrete Waste Disposal

Larger pieces of concrete should be easy to break apart with a basic sledgehammer in most circumstances. Moreover, a more straightforward method of breaking concrete is to first drill a hole beneath it and then bash it away.

Additionally, you will require eye and ear protection. Also, to prevent skin scratching, you should wear thick slacks and long-sleeved shirts.

2. Get a Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get rid of concrete. Concrete, bricks, stone, and asphalt can all go in a dumpster with the rest of your trash. You can select from a range of dumpster sizes to meet your specific waste disposal requirements. 

When disposing of large or bulky items, you’ll need a dumpster that can accommodate such objects. 

3. Take It to the Nearest Landfill or Transfer Station

If you choose to dispose of the concrete yourself, another alternative is to carry it to a landfill or transfer station. A transfer station is a central site where collection teams dump municipal solid garbage. Before leaving concrete at a landfill or transfer station, check with the facility to make sure they’ll accept it.

This is a cost-effective choice, but you must make as many journeys as you require and locate the closest landfill or transfer station Concrete Waste Disposal.

Concrete Waste Disposal
Concrete Waste Disposal

4. Find a Recycling Facility

If you can’t find an organization in your area that will accept concrete, there are some places where you can recycle it. You may be able to dispose of concrete at your local recycling facility. Recycling facilities accept concrete for recycling as long as it is free of rebar, wire mesh, and other foreign objects.

5. Employ the Services of a Construction Waste Hauling Company

If you want to get rid of some concrete more conveniently and environmentally friendly, you can contact a construction waste hauling company. They will come to your property and haul your concrete to a recycling facility.

Regardless of what method you choose to dispose of your concrete, make sure that you don’t use it in any way that could result in environmental damage.


Getting rid of concrete is a big job that can be overwhelming without the right equipment and preparation. But it is not impossible, so we are here to assist you. Don’t attempt to tackle a problem without the suitable materials, knowledge, and safety precautions.

For concrete removal, disposal, and an affordable dumpster, call Javi’s Multi-Service Junk Removal today.  They provide quality, efficient, and environmentally responsible concrete removal and disposal services.

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