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With the holidays coming up and some parties lined up, you are probably dreading the mounds of waste that comes with all the celebration. Well, why not make a change this year and be proactive about your waste removal? Give the environment (and your neighbors) a favor and find ways to reduce the waste you make Dispose of Holiday Garbage.

Dispose of Holiday Garbage
How to Insulate Your Garage

Dispose of Holiday Garbage

To help you out, Javi’s Junk Removal in Orlando, FL,  shares some helpful tips with you:

Tip #1: Give the Gift of Experience 

Why not eliminate all the waste coming from all the gift wrappers this year? Instead of giving stuff to your friends and family members, why not opt to give the gift of experience? Some great ideas include tickets to a live game or a concert, gift certificates for spas, restaurants, hotels, resorts, theme parks, and others. You can even opt for e-cards instead of holiday cards sent through the mail.

Tip #2: Choose Reusable Materials 

Make a conscious effort to choose reusable materials as often as possible. If you have to give presents, skip the wrappers and put the gift in a reusable bag, basket, tin, or jar. That way, even the containers can be reused. If you absolutely need to wrap, why not use an old scarf or fabric? There are lots of options for eco-friendly wrappers that you can choose from. The same goes for your Christmas decorations. Instead of choosing ones that you’ll have to toss after this year’s holiday, go for high-quality ones that you can reuse every year. They may cost higher, but you’ll save in the long run and reduce your holiday garbage, too.

Tip #3: Donate Stuff 

If you are like some who do a huge cleanup before the year ends to get rid of stuff they don’t use anymore, including furniture, electronics, clothes, and others, you probably are used to just taking them outside for the garbage collector to find. This year, you should consider adding an extra step to your process – sorting. Sort your stuff into recyclables, actual garbage, and things that other people may still find helpful. Find a local charity that can make use of the things you’re getting rid of.

Dispose of Holiday Garbage
Dumpster Delivery Works

Tip #4: Communicate with the Waste Company 

While there may be a regular collection day, there might be a change in the schedule during the holidays. Instead of having your garbage and recyclables out on the curb like you typically do, reach out to your waste company to know for sure when they’ll be picked up. If you are going to hold a party, it’s a good idea to make arrangements for junk removal to be sure that you’re not going to be causing problems with your neighbors. By getting junk removal service, you’re getting all your garbage dispose of Holiday Garbage of right when you need it and not having to wait for the community garbage collector.


Nobody likes the idea of having a huge mountain of garbage outside their doors or in their streets for days. No matter how big your celebration is, it’s not right to leave your trash out, especially if you’re not confident that they’re going to be picked up immediately. From switching to non-physical gifts to hiring an affordable dumpster rental in Orlando, there are things that you can do to ensure that you are handling your holiday waste disposal properly.

Javi’s Junk Removal offers affordable dumpster rental in Orlando, FL, and garbage removal services, among others. We serve residential and commercial clients in the area. Contact us today for your junk removal needs!

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