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Dumpster rentals have changed the way you deal with trash. Instead of having to transport your waste to the nearest garbage dump, you can have Dumpster Delivery Works to your driveway. Once it’s complete, the dumpster rental company will remove it. The entire process is incredibly simple and convenient.

1. Arrange Your Dumpster Rental

The first step is to arrange your dumpster rental. If you’re not sure how many cubic yards you need, contact your local company for assistance. They will help decide how big your dumpster needs to be and what you can keep in it. They’ll also help you figure out the cost. Most dumpster rental companies charge for the dumpsters themselves and the removal.

Dumpster Delivery Works
Dumpster Delivery Works

2. Dumpster Delivery Works

Once the size of your dumpster has been determined, your dumpster will be delivered. In most cases, you won’t be able to schedule a specific time for the delivery of your dumpster. This can cause problems if your drive or driveway is in an awkward place or if you’re working on a tight timeline. Don’t worry, though. The delivery service will be able to drop your dumpster off at an appropriate place, or if necessary, they’ll be able to come back at an agreed time to drop your dumpster off.

3. Start Dumping

Once the dumpster arrives, it’s time to start dumping everything. Most dumpsters are placed at the end of your driveway or in a convenient location. The best part about dumpster rentals is that you can put anything you want in the dumpster, so long as it fits. The only things that are not accepted are hazardous materials and other items that can damage the dumpster and the environment.

4. Confirm the Weight

When you’re done filling the dumpster, it’s time to confirm its weight. This will determine the total cost of the rental. The delivery service will need to confirm the importance of the dumpster itself and the total weight of everything inside. If your dumpster isn’t a standard size, your dumpster rental company may not be able to provide a weight quote until the day of delivery. If this is the case, call as soon as possible to get a quote.

5. Schedule the Pick-Up

Your rental dumpster isn’t free until you’re done with it. This means that you have to call and schedule a pick-up to get your dumpster removed. Some companies will ask you to schedule a pick-up as soon as you confirm the weight of the full dumpster, so you don’t have to wait around for an empty rental.

Dumpster Delivery Works
Dumpster Delivery Works

6. Pick-Up and Pay

After the dumpster is filled, it’s time for pick-up. Your dumpster will be picked up either the next day or the day after. After it’s been picked up, you’ll receive an invoice for payment. Keep this invoice until you’ve paid the total cost; otherwise, you can’t get your money back.


There are a lot of benefits to using a dumpster rental service. It’s convenient and highly cost-effective. If you’re cleaning, renovating, or remodeling anything in your home, you should use a dumpster to get rid of all your trash. There’s no need to worry about transporting waste on your own. All you have to do is contact a dumpster rental company, get your dumpster delivered, and fill it with everything you no longer need.

Javi’s Multi-Service Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated dumpster business in Orlando, Florida. We have positive, established relationships with many types of business sectors, including general contractors, real estate agents, property managers, insurance brokers, commercial developers, homeowners, commercial business owners, and more. If you’re looking for affordable dumpster rental in Orlando, we’ve got you covered! Call us at 407-860-8640 and get a free quote!

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