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Heaviest Items to Move Into Homes

If you are moving houses or maybe just getting rid of old stuff, you will be carrying items around all day and packing them up in little boxes. With that in mind, there are always items in your home that will not fit in a box, nor will you be able to move them around. The Heaviest Items to Move Into Homes that you may need some professional assistance when moving are:

Heaviest Items to Move Into Homes
Heaviest Items to Move Into Homes


If your house has a piano, then you must understand how expensive it is. This makes it a very valuable item of your household that needs to be greatly handled with care to prevent any damage. Also, because it is an instrument, if you are not careful with how it is being moved, it could affect how the piano could play.

For pianos, we recommend that you hire professional movers who you know can deal with fragile and valuable items. Also, make sure that if you can, add some sort of insurance to your experience.

Pinball Tables and Pool Tables

Having a game room is all fun until you have to move one of these heavy tables. Moving these game items can be frustrating because of how big, bulky, and delicate they are. They are expensive, and you would not want one scratch on them.

The worst part is, when you move these game tables around, you will have to actually disassemble them, and transport them by pieces if you can. Usually, the base will remain as a whole, which is still heavy. Plus, if not disassembled properly, the pieces may end up damaged, too. Professionals are trained to transport items built or disassembled; they will not lose any of the parts that come with your gaming items.

Heaviest Items to Move Into Homes
Heaviest Items to Move Into Homes

Sofas, Couches, and Chairs

While these items are often built lightweight to make it easier for one person to move around, they still need to be moved by multiple people if the location is far away from where it started. The shapes of these sofas and chairs may be awkward, but professionals are well-aware of how to move them together more efficiently.


While there are some small, portable appliances, there are also big ones that you will definitely need help with in moving them. Big, heavy washing machines or giant overs are a nightmare to move around. Not only are they fragile and easily broken, but because they are heavy, it will take a lot of time and effort. Professionals will have the equipment to move these around if needed.


Bathtubs are great for relaxing or for one to enjoy their alone time. However, moving them is not as therapeutic as an experience. They are heavy and hard to lift or get a grip on. This is something that you should solely leave to professionals as they already have the tactics down when it comes to moving a slippery object like a bathtub.


Moving can be a lot of pain and hassle, especially when you have heavy items. It is also troubling to get rid of them because you will still need to move them. The best way to handle moving these items is to call for professionals who are not only trained but will have the proper equipment to move them. Just make sure you let them know what items will be moved so they can prepare themselves.

If you have old furniture or appliances to get rid of and need junk removal in Orlando, then Javi’s Junk Removal will be glad to help you out with that. We offer removal services of construction debris, appliances, and junk—all done professionally. Contact us today for a junk removal!

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