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Hauled Away Junk Removal Companies or even thousands of junk every year. From old and dilapidated couches to boxes upon boxes of old clothes or broken appliances, a typical junk removal company can take just about anything you leave as junk. However, some items seem to be a lot more common than others, which brings us to this list. We’ve compelled some of the most common items junk removal companies tend to haul by away from households and commercial establishments.

Hauled Away Junk Removal Companies

Old couches, chairs, and tables are some of the most common items in any home Away from Junk Removal Companies. It is advisable that you don’t hold on to your old furniture for too long. It makes sense to dispose of your old furniture as quickly as possible to minimize the damage it does to your home. A junk removal service comes close to walking into your home and disposing of your junk without you having to lift a finger.

Hauled Away Junk Removal Companies
Hauled Away Junk Removal Companies

Old Furniture

Large pieces of furniture are quite difficult to dispose of on your own. If you don’t have the resources to tear or cut these pieces into smaller pieces, they’ll take up a lot of space in your home in Hauled Away by Junk Removal Companies. Old furniture can also attract pests, which can make your home less safe.

Ink and toner cartridges

The average home uses a lot of ink and toner cartridges, especially if you have a printer. Printer ink and toner cartridges contain some of the most toxic components and can be hazardous to the environment if they are disposed of improperly.

Most people simply throw their old ink and toner cartridges in the trash. This is what most people will do if they are disposing of their old ink and toner cartridges by themselves. However, you can choose to call a junk removal company instead.


Anything from old TVs, computers, and radios to even outdated smartphones can be hauled away by junk removal companies. Most of these items are bulky, so it’s difficult to transport these items to a recycling facility. One convenient way to dispose of your old electronics is to hire a junk removal service.

Electronics are also full of toxic materials, like lead and cadmium, which can pose a threat to the environment if not treated properly. These toxic materials are also harmful to your health for Hauled Away by Junk Removal Companies.


If you are moving out of your home, it is recommended that you dispose of your old mattress. The only problem is that mattresses can be pretty difficult to dispose of. It may be hard to get rid of the mattress because it is pretty heavy. You also need to find a way to dispose of the old mattress.

The safest option to dispose of your old mattress is by calling a junk removal company. A junk removal company will come to your house and haul by away the mattress. When they are done, they’ll also haul away all of the mattress’ waste. The company will dispose of the mattress properly.

Refrigerators, Microwaves, and Stoves

Old refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves are often large, too, and can be difficult for you to dispose of. Some of these appliances, especially the older ones, are usually made of materials that are not environmentally friendly. If you think that you should recycle your old refrigerator, take a second to consider why you’re planning to do this. Old refrigerators tend to be bulky and can be difficult to transport without help.


We’ve seen a lot of items that can be hauled by away by junk removal companies. If you’re tossing out some of these items, you may want to consider hiring junk removal professionals instead of doing it yourself. Junk removal companies are useful services to have when you want to dispose of large items that you can’t throw away easily.

Whether you’re remodeling or just doing some general cleaning, you’re going to have a lot of clutter that you need to get rid of. The best way to remove junk from your home is to hire Javi’s Dumpster Rental. Let our team take away all your unwanted junk, so you don’t have to worry about them. Contact us today for reliable junk removal services in Orlando.

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