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Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances are one of the hardest working units in any home, but seeing as they see plenty of action and abuse, it’s no surprise that workhorses like your refrigerator, stovetop, oven or something as small as a toaster can wear down over time. 

Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances
Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances

Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances

When your appliances are too worn out to function properly, the thought of investing in upgrades can be exciting for any homeowner, especially since it can improve one’s living experience in various ways. But removing your outdated appliances to make way for new, efficient models is not a one-man job, but throwing them down the street isn’t an environmentally friendly option even if it seems the easiest route.

When it’s time to junk your old appliances, what can you do to properly get rid of them without resorting to leaving them in landfills?

1. Swap in Old Kitchen Appliances 

Many appliance stores or dealers offer to recycle old units as an additional service, so you can utilize this perk and ask retailers to trade in your junk while delivering the brand new appliance to your home. 

Appliances that are outdated but still working properly can be refurbished, but units that are completely broken may come at an additional fee between $10 to $99. While it means paying more out of pocket, the convenience of properly removing your junk makes every penny worth it!

2. Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances

If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner who strives to make sustainable actions moving forward, then you can opt to recycle old appliances by sending them over to your local organizations that manage junk in your community. But if the appliances are still working, you can also donate them to charities in your area. Who knows, your trash may truly be another man’s treasure in this case. 

3. Sell Outdated Functioning Kitchen Appliances

Another way to get rid of your appliances without immediately putting them in landfills is to sell them in secondhand markets. Even if the appliance is no longer functioning, you can still sell the parts since materials like metals, plastics, and glass can benefit any scrap metal company in your community Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances.

Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances
Properly Dispose Your Kitchen Appliances

The Bottom Line: Getting Rid of Old Kitchen Appliances the Right Way

The tips above offer different ways to removing old kitchen appliances, but if none of them work for you, it’s best to contact professional junk haulers to get the job done. It can be a cost-effective alternative, particularly when retailers don’t accept trade-ins or pickups for old appliances. When you want the simplest, quickest, and affordable option to properly dispose of your old kitchen appliances, then putting junk removal companies on speed dial may be the best option.

Are You Looking for Appliance Removal Services in Orlando?

Getting rid of appliances—small or big—can be tricky, especially if you want to be a responsible homeowner and keep your junk from filling landfills. It seems easier to chunk your outdated kitchen appliances out in your trash, but it’s better to hire a reliable dumpster service provider to handle your dirty work using sustainable methods. 

If you need help disposing of your old appliances properly, Javi’s multi-service junk removal services in Orlando, FL, can offer a hassle-free solution for your unwanted refrigerators, dryers, microwaves, and more! Call us today at 407-860-8640 and see what we can do to make your junk removal an easier experience. 

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