A home renovation project is a chance for new beginnings. However, it is also a chaotic time—anyone who’s had to renovate their home knows how disorganized it could get. If the prospect of a cluttered home keeps you from starting your project, here are things that could help.

1. Plan Out Your Renovations

Although you might want to stay at home during a major renovation, it can become a nightmare if you don’t plan it well. When you stay at home during a major home improvement project, you will have to deal with the clutter, noise, and mess that construction activities bring. Can you work in that environment? You must also live with reduced square footage—think of whether you and your loved ones will be safe and comfortable with that.

2. Time Your Project Well

Start your renovations at the right time. If your project requires opening exterior walls or removing windows, it’s better if you wait until summer or fall. Interior projects like painting, replacing floors or carpeting, and indoor redecorations are fine during colder months; however, you might need to turn up the thermostat to speed up the drying process.

3. Reduce the Clutter Beforehand

Clear your space of unused items before you begin. Consider hosting a yard sale, selling online, or donating to charity. If you reduce the clutter, you have fewer items to attend to during the renovation, and you’d also have more money to put toward expenses.

You could also rent a storage container for big items you don’t want to part with but cannot have at home during the renovation. You can lock these units and leave them in your driveway, which means they’ll be both accessible and secured.                                   

4. Keep a Detailed Running List of Items

If you’re planning to live at home during the renovation, you wouldn’t want to spend so much time picking up supplies. Pre-order the bulk of the materials you will need and keep a running list of tools as the project progresses, updating it as necessary. That way, when you do need to make a trip to the store, you don’t waste time wandering the aisles or making return trips because you forgot to buy certain things.

5. Stick to a Schedule

A schedule will help you make progress even if you occasionally fall short of your daily goals. Schedules let you determine hectic days, letting you organize everyone’s needs ahead of time. 

When you schedule your days, you can also plan for baby or pet sitting. If you’re planning to take a hands-on approach, know that having to walk the dog or make sandwiches for your children will cut into your schedule. If you have a schedule, you’ll know your timeline’s busiest days, so you can sign your child or pet up for daycare or drop them off to a friend or relative who can look after them for a few hours.

6. Be Mindful of Air Quality

Air quality is one of the last things people think of during projects like these, but it is vital to your family’s health. A renovation project produces dust and particulates, which could irritate your sinuses and lungs. Rent an air scrubber with a HEPA filter while the project is ongoing to prevent allergies and other respiratory ailments. You could also close off the renovation area using plastic sheeting with zippers. 

7. Use Natural Cleaning Supplies

Even if you try to contain the mess in one area, it is bound to spread into other parts of your home. No matter how organized you are, it will happen—the best way to deal with it, especially if you like your surroundings clean, is to tidy up often. However, some cleaning products are too harsh for daily use. If you’re in the middle of a renovation, use natural and eco-friendly options; these will be gentler on your walls, floors, and other surfaces.


Renovations can get messy, but you don’t have to suffer through the chaos. With some careful planning, you can keep the mess to a minimum even if you choose to stay at home throughout the project. Teaming up with professionals will also help you stay on track!

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